Splash Mixed Media Workshop at Arizona Art Supply

Last weekend Arizona Art Supply held their Splash Mixed Media Workshop where participants created bright & colorful greetings using Splash Inks on Strathmore Mixed Media Cards.

Arizona Art Supply Workshop Arizona Art Supply Workshop













If you're interested in trying out a colorful card for yourself, here's a quick tutorial on how they created the Thank You card below (or use these ideas to put your own twist on a fun card!):

Thank you Card


  • Crafters Workshop Stencil (face stencil used for this card)
  • Strathmore Mixed Media Greeting Card
  • Niji Splash Ink
  • Permawriter Pen .03
  • Plastic palette knife
  • Golden regular gel medium
  • Round synthetic hair watercolor brush


  1. Lay the face stencil on the front of the opened card on a flat surface and secure with a few strips of low tack tape such as painters tape.
  2. Mix a few drops of Yellow Splash Ink with gel medium and apply gel over the stencil using a palette knife in a scraping motion over the top of the stencil until the gel medium fills the open areas of the stencil.
  3. Carefully lift up the stencil and let the medium dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Mix Magenta Splash Ink with a few drops of water and paint into the card over the dried gel medium. Wipe off any excess ink to reveal the yellow tinted gel image.
  5. Mix Yellow and Blue Splash with water and write "Thank you" on the card.
  6. Mix Yellow and Magenta with water and load the watercolor brush with color. Lay the brush on it's side to make the flower petals. Let dry.
  7. Outline everything with the pen.

Tip: Detailed stencils work best for this technique!

Arizona Art Supply Workshop

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