Spring Newsletter Featuring Gouache Illustrations by Angela Staehling

Art Inspired by the Great Outdoors

By Angela Staehling

The Spring Edition of our Artist Newsletter is here! Featured artist Angela Staehling shares her process for creating bright and vibrant gouache illustrations. She also shares her tips on how to further advance your art career by learning the ins and outs of art licensing. Read more in the Artist Newsletter!



NEW! Strathmore 400 Series Oil Painting Paper

Traditional technique meets modern convenience. Our new Oil Painting Paper has a traditional canvas finish and comes in a heavyweight 215lb. (350gsm) sheet. It is a convenient alternative to canvases and boards, and no gesso is required. Available in 3 pad sizes. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

2018 Online Workshops - Realistic Watercolor for Beginners

Our FREE Online Workshops are in full swing! Watch all 4 video lessons from Kelly Eddington on how to paint realistic watercolor. You can follow along to each tutorial on our workshop website at your own pace. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

Questions from our Website: Should I use a varnish or a fixative on my art?

Should I use a varnish or a fixative on my art? Is there a difference between the two? Varnishes and fixatives are two different things. Varnishes are used to change the sheen of artwork and protect it from the environment. Fixatives are used to seal a drawing or painting. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

Featured art by @canotstoppainting on Strathmore 400 Series Toned Gray Paper

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