Summer Artist Newsletter

The Journey to Full Time Freelancing

By Dean McKeever

The Summer Edition of our Artist Newsletter is here! Our featured artist, Dean McKeever, mixes mediums to create vibrant and playful illustrations.

Check out his step-by-step process for using watercolor, markers and gouache to create his signature style in the Artist Newsletter.


Strathmore 2020 Online Workshops
Looking for free Tutorials from Professional Artists? Our award-winning Online Workshops are open! Follow along to Justin Maas’ Portrait Drawing tutorials and Leslie Tieu's Creative Watercoloring workshop.

NEW SIZE! 3"x9" 400 Series Mixed Media Pad
You already know our beloved Mixed Media paper. We're excited to introduce a new size in response to popular demand; 3"x9". Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

Aqaufine Watercolor Inks
These vibrant, pigmented inks are highly saturated and have a high degree of lightfastness. Colors remain bright and vivid over time compared to dye-based inks. Learn more in Artist Newsletter.

FAQ's: What paper should I use for my art?
Why are there so many types of paper? How should you choose paper for your project? Many factors come in play when choosing the correct paper for your work. Let us help demystify the paper choosing process for you in the Artist Newsletter.

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