10 Commandments of Industrial Design Sketching

The Fall Edition of our Artist Newsletter features Artist and Industrial Designer Reid Schlegel's 10 Commandments of Industrial Design Sketching and 5 Commandments of Toned Paper Rendering

Reid is a Virginia Tech Industrial Design grad that currently works at Frog Design in New York City. Reid loves to sketch, prototype and envision the future to make the intangible tangible with his designs and ideas. When designing a product for a client, Reid generates many concepts in an efficient and clear manner to make it easier for his client to review his ideas.

Reid prefers to use our 400 Series Toned Tan paper for his renderings because it helps him to speed up his process and lets him jump start his designs. According to Reid, "Since tan is a mid-tone, it frees me from thinking about highlights and shadows until the sketch it complete, making each sketch faster and easier to execute."

Here's a sneak peak of a few of Reid's 10 Commandments of ID Sketching:

  • Break Everything into Shapes: When starting a sketch, break the subject down into primary shapes. Start with the largest shape and accurately draw it in perspective. Use this as a base to build everything else off of.

  • Marker are Great, in Moderation: When it comes to markers, less is more. Markers can quickly help to express form or highlight a key feature, but too much can easily overwhelm a sketch.  Start with light colors and build up to darker ones. Keep accent colors to a minimum. 

Here is one of his 5 Commandments of Toned Paper Rendering:

  • Embrace Contrast: Sketch your darkest darks next to pure whites to build contrast and make a sketch pop. To take this a step further, incorporate black and white colored pencils to help make your highlights and shadows even deeper and more realistic. 

You can see all of Reid's Toned Paper Commandments in the Artist Newsletter.

Also in this Issue of the Artist Newsletter:

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