Our Visual Journal Workshops are now in session!

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Lisa Cousineau
Glen Ellyn, IL

Karen R. Davis
Louisville, KY
Sherri Donlon
Diamond Springs, CA
Sydney Harper
Florence, AL

Above:  Journal pages from online workshop students.

Our new Visual Journal Online Workshop Series started January 1, 2011. If you haven't registered yet, no need to worry! You can register now and get immediate access to the first workshop. Our workshops are free, self-paced and will continue through August 1, 2011. The workshops are being held in our virtual classroom website. Students learn visual journaling techniques from experienced artists through online videos and downloadable instructions. You can also get inspired and share with other students by participating in the discussion boards or uploading your work in the photo gallery. Each workshop consists of four video lessons and supporting downloadable instructions.

"We literally have students from all over the world participating in the workshops right now," says Jeanette Gile, workshop organizer. "As of mid-January, over 3,400 students have entered the classroom!"

"Although we are just getting started, the class is extremely active," continues Jeanette. "It's really exciting! Students are sharing the results of the lessons, exchanging product and technique tips and establishing new friendships."

Discover the creative and emotional benefits of journaling. For more information or to join our Workshops today!

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