Watercolor and Gouache - Online Workshop

Jordan Rhodes' Watercolor and Gouache Workshop is now open and it's completely FREE to watch and follow along! Jordan is well-known for his stylistic portrait paintings and he's teaching us all of his top tips and techniques in this series of 4 video lessons.

Learn the different approaches that can be used when painting with watercolor vs. gouache. You’ll learn about the basics of using each medium as well as their respective strengths and weaknesses. Paint along as Jordan demonstrates his approach to painting the same subject with both watercolor and gouache.

You can watch the video lessons here. The supply list is available on the workshop site so you can get all the materials needed to follow along.



As the foundation of your artwork, paper is the natural place to start and plays a huge role in the success of your artwork. Always choose a quality paper which allows multiple layers and reworking. In this workshop series we will be working with the following papers:


  • MaimeriBlu Watercolors – 36 color set
    • Jordan will use the following colors:
        • Cadmium Red Light
        • Yellow Ochre
        • Paynes Gray

  • Lower-cost alternative:
    • Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolor (pan set or tubes in colors above)


  • Maimeri Gouache
    • Jordan will use the following colors:
      • Burnt Umber
      • Deep Ochre
      • Yellow Ochre
      • Burnt Sienna
      • Celeste Blue
      • Paynes Gray
      • Carmine
      • Bordeaux
      • Brilliant Orange
      • Titanium White


  • Princeton AquaElite Brushes
    • Round Size 12
  • Princeton Neptune Brushes:
    • Round 2, 8 & 12
  • Princeton Velvetouch Brushes:
    • Wash Brush 1″
    • Angled Shader ½”

Other Supplies

  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Ruler


► Lesson 1: Watercolor Basics
Learn about basic watercolor techniques and exercises that you can do to familiarize yourself with the medium. Follow along as Jordan paints the Asaro Planes of the Head Statue in watercolor.

Lesson 1 Preview:

► Lesson 2: Watercolor Demo
Follow along as Jordan paints a portrait in watercolor and demonstrate techniques to get the most out of this medium.

► Lesson 3: Goauche Basics
Discover the differences between gouache and watercolor, the strengths and weaknesses of both, and basic exercises to get used to working with gouache. Follow along as Jordan paints the Asaro Planes of the head statue in gouache.

► Lesson 4: Goauche Demo
Join Jordan as he paints the same portrait from Lesson 2, but this time in gouache instead of watercolor. Learn how his approach differs based on the selected medium.


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