What does the term “vellum” mean?

Frequently Asked Question:
What does the term “vellum” mean? Is it a type of paper?

Answer from Strathmore:
Vellum is used to describe a paper finish and a paper type, which can be confusing. Our Bristol and Mixed Media papers feature a vellum finish. When you look straight on, a vellum finish might look a bit smooth but at an angle, you will see subtle, roughness or tooth that helps “grab” dry media.

You might also hear the term vellum to describe a paper such as “translucent vellum.” In this context, vellum comes from a French term which refers to a parchment made from calf skin. However, today’s vellum papers are technically not true parchment papers. Instead they are constructed of wood or cotton fibers and are typically translucent or semi-translucent to resemble traditional vellum parchment.

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