Why Art is so Important

Art can be so many things to so many different people... therapeutic, relaxing, stress-relieving, fun, (sometimes stressful depending on how the project is going). It can provide a sense of achievement and joy.

Here are a few facts the further affirm the importance of art in our lives:

  • Students who took 4 years of art or music classes in high school scored about 92 points higher on their SAT's than students who did not. Source: The more you know, NBCuniversal

  • 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent. Source: Girija Kaimal, Drexel University

  • Greater arts education leads to fewer disciplinary infractions and higher attendance, graduation rates, and test scores. Source: The Missouri Department of Education

  • Art can pave the way to more open communication and interpersonal connections in the workplace. Source: Harvard University Study

  • Creativity is among the top applied skills sought by employers. Source: partnershipmovement.org

And a quote from Albert Einstein:

"I'm enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"


Don't forget to make time for yourself and for art!


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