Winter Newsletter Featuring Courtroom Artist Pat Lopez

The Winter Edition of our Artist Newsletter features courtroom sketch artist Pat Lopez. Pat has covered high profile cases like the Oklahoma City Bomb Trial, the Kobe Bryant Sexual Assault Hearing, the Salvidar/Selena Murder, Enron, and many more.

First hearing of Oklahoma City Bombing with Nichols and McVeigh

It took Pat about 10 years to cultivate the proper skills to draw a realistic likeness of a person in court in less than three minutes. She also developed a radar in court where she could sense an emotional outburst coming before it came, allowing her to sketch what might turn out to be the new story of the day. 

Kobe Bryant Sexual Assault Hearing

See her sketches from these historic trials and hear her unique perspective on these infamous events in the Artist Newsletter


Strathmore Artagain® Paper
For decades, Strathmore Artagain® paper has been Pat Lopez's go-to choice for courtroom sketching. She needed a toned, colored paper that wouldn't cause white balance issues when photographers were up against tight deadlines. Learn more about this paper and what else it's good for in the Artist Newsletter.

Art by @essiarts on Strathmore Desert Rose Artagain Paper

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What does vellum mean in relation to paper?

The term vellum can be somewhat confusing because it can refer to two distinct aspects: vellum as a paper, and vellum as a finish. Learn about the difference in the Artist Newsletter.

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