Jordan Rhodes demos a skull study in gouache. Follow along!


Justin Maas' How to Draw Portraits Workshop is now open and it's completely FREE to watch and follow along!


Heather Rooney specializes in photorealistic drawings and meticulous attention to detail. Read her article in the Artist Newsletter.


While we're finding ourselves with extra time at home, let's do something positive and uplifting with art!⁠⠀


Yes! You can use both traditional oil paints and water mixable oil paints on our Canvas Paper and Oil Painting Paper

Kelly Eddington is a master watercolorist who is known for her stunning detail and control of this sometimes fussy medium.

Color psychology suggests our mood can be impacted by different colors. Read about the color green and see a collection of green-themed artwork.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite art hacks that can take you to the next level.

Justin Maas is known for his stunning portraits. Justin uses grayscale on Toned paper to employ value, show form and make drawings with incredible depth.