Watch Eleanor Mill's process of creating these beautiful Ranunculus flowers in watercolor. 

'Draw a Story' is a Singapore-based creative studio specializing in fashion and lifestyle illustration. See the process for creating this beautiful piece. 

Introducing Strathmore Mixed Media Postcards! A heavyweight paper with the front left blank for your art and the back printed with traditional postcard markings. 

Mixed Media and Watercolor papers have some similarities and some differences. Read to find out more and see which best suits your style and mediums. 


Follow along to Robert Burridge's FREE online oil painting workshop with 4 video lessons and downloadable instruction sheets. 

Eyes are a popular subject for artists to draw. We've gathered a collection of stunning eye pieces created by a variety of talented artists. 

See our step-by-step process for creating a soft sunset on Toned Blue Mixed Media paper. 


Workshop 3 of our 2018 series, Finding the Focus in Your Painting, starts Sept. 4! Follow along to Bob Burridge's free video lessons on oil painting! 


Did you know we make a line of inkjet greeting cards? They come pre-folded with a finished size of 5”x7” and are perfect for desktop inkjet printers.


Artist Cliff Deun shares his process and insight on how to keep lines bold and simple to create pieces with greater impact in the Artist Newsletter.