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4 Holiday Card Ideas

Create your own handmade greetings this holiday season and give these 4 card-making ideas a try!

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Slap-Dash Noodle Doodle

What is the slap-dash noodle doodle method? Aside from being something fun to say, it's also a fun card-making technique courtesy of artist James Teaford. 

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New Series of Paper Cutting Videos!

We worked with Grace Hart to bring you a 3-Video Series on the ancient art of Paper Cutting. See the process & techniques, then try it out!

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Holiday Watercolor Card Idea

Our Watercolor Cards are perfect for creating handmade, personalized greetings! Check out our quick demo video of a holiday card idea that you can follow along to and create your own!

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Personalized Cards for the Holidays

If you're looking for a fun, creative and easy way to make and send personalized Holiday Greetings this winter, we've got you covered! Our Photo Mount and Photo Frame Cards are the perfect option that make it simple to turn your photos or artwork into a card that can be sent to a loved one or a friend.

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How to Make a Paper Flower Bouquet

Many of the papers in our line work beautifully for shaping, molding, and creating 3D pieces of art. Recently a bride asked us about how to make a paper flower bouquet for her wedding, and we thought it sounded like a great idea! Many of our papers provide interesting textures and colors along with the appropriate weights that are needed to hold up to molding and shaping the paper. Also, using acid free, high quality paper is important to make sure the paper will last over time and won’t fade or deteriorate.

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