artwork by Luana Luconi Winner

cover artwork by:

Luana Luconi Winner

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400 Series Gray Scale

Weight: 80 lb. (20" x 26" x 500 sheets) 216 g/m2
Surface: Textured

Media Applications:  Graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, sketching stick, soft pastel, mixed media, and oil pastel

This pad contains textured heavyweight paper in gray scale colors ranging from white to black. There are three sheets each of white, black, and three grays. It is great for value studies using charcoal, pastel, chalk and sketching sticks.

Pad Features: Glue Bound pads have flip-over covers.

Item# Size Description Sheets/Pad
4400-9 9" x 12" Assorted Tints - Glue Bound (9") 15
4400-12 12" x 18" Assorted Tints - Glue Bound (12") 15
4400-18 18" x 24" Assorted Tints - Glue Bound (18") 15

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