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Why are 100% cotton papers so desirable?


There are 2 types of pulp fibers that typically make up paper – wood and cotton. Cotton fibers are the most durable fibers and are made up of either linters or rags. Linters are fine fibers left on the seed of a cotton plant after the ginning process. Rags are cotton clippings from textile mills.

The value of cotton lies in the structure of the fibers which are long, hollow, and tube-like. They are one of the strongest, yet softest fibers available.

When cotton fibers are beaten to a pulp, they tend to fray and create hundreds of tiny fibrils. When matted together with water, they interlock creating a uniform surface with great strength and flexibility.

Cotton papers are known for their purity, durability and permanence, making them very desirable for artists who want to create a fine art piece that will last.

All of our 500 Series papers are manufactured with cotton fiber for enhanced surface durability and exceptional results.

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