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Your watercolor pad is glued on all 4 sides - how do I get the sheets out?

If you have a watercolor pad that is glued on all 4 sides, then you have our 400 Series Watercolor block. 

This pad was intentionally glued along all four edges which eliminates the need for stretching the paper prior to painting. You can load the water on and since all four sides are glued down, the paper will stay nice and flat. Once your painting is dried, it can be removed and the sheet underneath will be clean and ready for use.

Here are our steps for removing sheets from our watercolor blocks (and a video showing the process):

1. Wait until paint is completely dry. Flip over the cover and look for the area where there is an unglued opening on the cover spine.
2. Stand the block up with the opening located on the top.
3. Insert an X-Acto knife, palette knife, or letter opener between the first and second sheets.
4. Then gently run the knife around the edge of the sheet, rotating the block counter clockwise while moving the knife in the opposite direct.
5. Continue splitting the glue until the sheet breaks away. Remove any remaining glue from the top sheet using your fingers.

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