Artist Brian Scott

Brian Scott

Brian Scott is a self-taught artist and feels that it shouldn’t matter what your artistic history or education is, but that you love what you are doing. He has always been interested in art and took classes at night school, but found he did not enjoy the strict, regimented routine.

At first, Brian tried oils and acrylics but didn’t feel that he was successful in those mediums. In 2009 he turned to colored pencils where he found his niche and never looked back.

When asked why he prefers this medium, he replies that they are a lot cleaner and require less room. Once he started to use colored pencil, he was challenged to make his pencil work look more like an oil painting rather than a traditional drawing as he found at times people had a preconception that colored pencils were for kids. That’s when he began to develop his signature style.

Brian began drawing for his own personal enjoyment but as he grew and found his audience, he realized he could actually make sales as well as enjoy the camaraderie that the internet can bring by allowing viewers to respond to his art through comments and emails. “It keeps me going and always striving to do better!"

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Reference and permission to use from Bara Vavrova

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