Artist Meredith Sand

Previously, Meredith had a career in corporate marketing and communications after graduating from Southern Methodist University in 2005 with a degree in sociology. Without much formal training, she had always enjoyed creating art and experimented with various mediums including photography, ceramics and painting before discovering a passion for printmaking in 2011. What started out as a hobby, making cards as gifts for friends, quickly evolved into a business with the encouragement of her husband. Today, she sells primarily online and in local boutiques in her hometown of Winter Park, Florida.

Meredith describes her style as eclectic and bohemian. She has always been attracted to bright colors and bold graphic prints, which translates into the cards she creates. She finds beauty in things that are a bit "unfinished" and "imperfect". She specifically chooses the cards with the deckle edge to give it a more rustic, un-structured look, while the texture of the cardstock does not allow the ink to completely soak into the paper, creating a "worn" or "vintage" effect. She feels this adds to the authenticity of each card, you can tell it wasn't printed by a machine because each one is slightly different.

She says her favorite part about her business is how personal it is. "I'm honored that something I create is given to someone who then writes a personal note to people they love. "View more of Meredith's work at:


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