Artist Paul Knight

Paul was born in 1965 and lives in Nottinghamshire, England. In 2007 he renewed his interest in art, and after a period of two years decided to pursue art education by enrolling in a Fine Art degree course at Nottingham University.

He continues to work on the degree course, and while taking a break from it, he has set up a small drawing workshop. This has driven him in the direction of developing a traditional method of cast and still life work that incorporates modern concepts. Paul is very interested in modern American artists who show a resurgence into Realism. He attributes this to the fact that he did not take technique based drawing courses or workshops in the UK.

Although he is inspired by the “traditional great masters,” he is just as much inspired by modern American artists and says “their so-called outdated classical approach is still very much alive and thriving.” This has given him the confidence to develop in the direction of a traditional style with modern conceptual thinking for his work and his drawing workshops.

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