Artist Wendy Beresford

Zebra by Wendy Beresford
Artwork by Wendy Beresford

Toned Cards

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Wendy Beresford is a self-taught professional artist. Now located in South Africa where she owns her own studio, Wendy is fascinated with painting the wildlife that surrounds her in Africa.

Traditionally a pastel artist, she now prefers using oils and acrylics for most of her beautiful pieces of art. For the artwork featured on our Toned Tan and Toned Gray Cards, Wendy used a combination of charcoal, chalk pastels and conte pencils.

Wendy believes that the combination of animals and art is truly a healing one. She hopes that her work will excite people again about African wildlife, and to bring awareness to the jeopardy these incredible species face as population numbers decline in the wild.

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