Elliott Grinnell

Elliott Grinnell is a freelance illustrator who hails from Connecticut. He’s lived in New England his entire life and earned his BFA in Illustration from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. Elliott has always loved exploring the world around him. Some of his favorite activities are going on long walks to unknown locations and driving with no GPS to see where he and his fiancé end up! Fun patterns, bright colors, shifty characters, and anything a little spooky always inspires him.

Elliott works primarily in digital art, but loves keeping sketchbooks full of thumbnails, character designs, and story outlines. Elliott’s worked with a variety of clients, from a Yale lab, to a chef, to a board game restaurant! He’s hoping to break into the publishing world and create exciting and inclusive graphic novels and children’s books as well as book covers. He currently lives with his fiancé and their adopted calico cat, Shirley.

You can see more of Elliott's work HERE.

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