Journal 11 - Scottie

This book is named Scottie after the beautiful country of Scotland. In the mid-1890's, Strathmore's founder Horace Moses made a trip to the Strathmore Valley in Scotland and became inspired by its beauty and the blooming August thistles. By 1895 Mr. Moses began using the phrase "Strathmore Quality" and the thistle as a symbol of the highest quality papers.


Paul Roberts

London, Greater London

Title: Work in progress
Medium: Gouache

Textile designer

Sophie Harrison-Knibbs

London, Greater London

Title: My Dad
Medium: Pencil, charcoal, watercolor

I'm an artist and children's book illustrator. I specialize in oil painting , landscapes and portraits. I have also illustrated several children's books

Lee Bamsey

London, London

Title: A greyish sort of day
Medium: Collage, drawing, printing and stitching

Mixed-media artist, illustrator and crafter working in London.

Hazel Roberts

Manchester, Greater Manchester

Title: Random
Medium: Pen and ink, print

Hazel works across a variety of media including photography, illustration, printmaking and graphic design

Sarah Feinmann

Manchester, Lancashire

Title: Blue Kettle
Medium: Collage and Linocut

Sarah recreates illustrations from out of date publications. She uses mixed media collage and printmaking. The work is semi autobiographical, exploring associations she and others make.

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John Hamilton

Manchester, Lancs

Title: Dungeness Studies
Medium: Graphite Pencil

John is based in Manchester UK. His work includes painting, drawing, printmaking and illustration. He has exhibited widely and has work in Private collections in UK, USA,Germany and Australia.

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Adela Pollard

Northwich, Cheshire

Title: A Day With You
Medium: Pen & Pencil

My work is very much about people. How people relate to each another and how they relate to space and objects around them. Over the past 9 years the focus of my work has been on developing live art.

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Roselyn Gnatiuk

Stockport, Cheshire

Title: Lobster and Dog
Medium: watercolor, pen, acrylic

I illustrate what inspires and intrigues me. Sleeping whippets, disgruntled cats, sea creatures, landscapes.

Annabel Burton

Frodsham, Cheshire

Title: A Piece of November
Medium: watercolor, acrylic, pen

I am inspired by what I am immersed in - the North of England countryside, textiles, Wales and the constant changes brought about by weather and season. My work is collected internationally.

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Cara Shanley

Dunfermline, Fife

Title: Anna
Medium: graphite

Cara has a strong interest in academic drawing and painting, as well as printmaking. Her style is intuitive; sometimes detailed, other times sketchy. She loves portraiture and botanical art.

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Deborah Nicholas

Southampton, Hampshire

Title: innocence
Medium: graphite and colored pencil

Hi I'm a self taught portrait artist based in the new forest, my preferred medium is coloured pencils and graphite, I specialize in realism and my aim is to produce hyper realistic subjects.

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Abigail Jones

Southampton, Hampshire

Title: Apple On A Sheesham Wood table & Sunset over Lymington Harbour
Medium: Polychromos and Prismacolor premier coloured pencils and pastels

Working mainly in coloured pencils, graphite and pastels and dabbling in watercolor, acrylic and sculpture, Abigail specializes in portraiture as well as realistically portraying nature and wildlife.

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Emma Longley

Wells, Somerset

Title: Time Waster
Medium: Pen

Emma's a mixed media artist working with a range of materials and has recently discovered the art of Kirigami - cut and folded paper.

Pauline Longley

Glastonbury, Somerset

Title: Goldfish and Tree Circles
Medium: Acrylics with Gelli  Plate

I'm a silver signature member of the UK Colored Pencil Society and pencils are my first love. Recently I've been experimenting with mixed media and 3D art.

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Bev Lewis

Burnham on Sea, Somerset

Title: White Rhino - Cow and Calf
Medium: Graphite Pencil

I am a gold member of the UK coloured pencil society. Animals are my preferred subject and my work is highly detailed and realistic. I accept commissions.

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Barbara Murray

Keswick, Cumbria

Title: Blair Atholl
Medium: Colored Pencil

Part time artist, chair of UK colored pencil society and Technical Manager at Derwent.

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Karen Brighton

Worcester, Worcestershire

Title: animal curiosity
Medium: colored pencil

I am an animal portrait artist who specialises in using pastels in fine detail to capture personality

Judith Selcuk

Evesham, Worcestershire

Title: Pride of Scotland
Medium: Colored Pencil

Judith artist specialising in coloured pencil, acrylic and gouache. With a love of maritime and country pursuits.

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