Journal 12 - Cotton

This book is named Cotton to represent the beautiful fine art papers that are made with cotton fibers. This very book contains Mixed Media paper made with 100% cotton. Cotton fibers produce the softest, strongest, and most durable types of fine art papers. All of Strathmore's 500 Series papers contain cotton content.


Rebecca Erickson

Natal, RN

Title: Avian influenza
Medium: Twig and ink, colored pencil, watercolor, marker, feathers

Visual artist and urban sketcher based in Natal/RN, Brasil. I work mostly in sketchbook pages with fountain pens and watercolor.

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Fernando De Paiva

Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Title: Tânia Study
Medium: Wine, Coffee and copic Markers

Substitute Professor of the Federal University Rio Grande do Norte tattoo artist and illustrator Sullen art collective and famous stars and straps

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Sam Dowd

Alpine, Wyoming

Title: Vent Community
Medium: Ink and felt tipped marker

Sam Dowd is the director of the ceramics and sculpture departments at the Art Association of Jackson Hole, Jackson, WY. He also runs a pottery business with his wife in Alpine, WY. He enjoys living in

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Jenny Dowd

Alpine, WY

Title: Did you see what they did to Frank and Lucy?
Medium: Ink

Jenny Dowd is an artist interested in objects and their interactions. She lives in Alpine, WY with her husband, Sam where they co-own the small art and pottery business, Dowd House Studios.

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Rachel Hartz

Wilson, Wyoming

Title: none
Medium: acrylic

i am a mixed media artist. i love to notice, collect and create

Jocelyn Slack

Wilson, Wyoming

Title: January Winter
Medium: Watercolor + pen & ink + pencil

I am an illustrator in Wilson, Wyoming

Melissa Malm

Wilson, WY

Title: The World Needs More Art
Medium: Colored pencils, ink pen

As a professional and teaching artist I use journals to paint, draw and write about my life, my adventures, to observe nature and to explore my imagination.

Victoria Moore

La Jolla, CA

Title: Preparing for Quiet
Medium: Liquitex acrylic ink and pen

Always preparing for quiet while infused in Baja color.

Susan Billings

Norwood, CO

Title: Virgin de Guadalupe dec 12
Medium: Watercolor, pastel, India ink, gold leaf, rice paper

The east cape of Baja is where I call home. Windswept, salty, light filled and always surprising. Lots to paint. Lots to look at.

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Juliana Forbes

Boulder, CO

Title: untitled
Medium: rice paper, graphite, oil paint

I feel art creates unique openings for communication—resonates in ways we don’t understand. I am interested in art that circumvents our intellectual categories and lets us feel and respond first.

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Deborah Jones

Basalt, Colorado

Title: Making the Mark
Medium: Mixed media

Please visit Deborah's website to view her bio.

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Brian Colley

Carbondale, CO Colorado

Title: Avian influenza
Medium: Twig and ink, colored pencil, watercolor, marker, feathers

Brian worked as an independent artist and illustrator in the Roaring Fork Valley for the past five years. He holds a BA in fine art and supplements his time painting, drawing, and printmaking.

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Samuel White

Cohagen, MT

Title: Fadin' In
Medium: Pastel, Conte

I am a steward, painting and ranching in eastern MT. Today, you'll find me laboring among landscapes more than painting them. There is no better substitute to knowing this subject than to work it.

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Daniel Worth

Santa Fe, NM

Title: Where the hummingbirds sleep
Medium: Gouache and Ink

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Daniel moved to Melbourne in 2006 to Study Visual Arts. Since 2008 He has traveled, created artwork and exhibiting around the world.

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Lisa Coddington

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Title: Santa Fe storm and Sketching Hummingbird and wildflowers
Medium: graphite and watercolor

I reside in New Mexico where I teach botanical art and I am currently commissioned to paint a series of New Mexico wild flowers. Come see my art at Ernesto Mayans Gallery Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM!

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Nancy Dean Kreger

Santa Fe, NM

Title: Adobe Walls & blue Mountains
Medium: Watercolor & Charcoal

I love to evoke the delicious essence of a place when I paint watercolors ‘en plein air’. Soft breezes, gurgling brooks, chirping birds, smells of lavender fields & Tuscan cooking... My heart sings!

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Tobi Clement

Santa Fe, NM

Title: Red Rain & Yellow Sky
Medium: Pastel

I work primarily en plein air, then return to the studio and use the images captured as my references. I find the rugged Southwest landscape and expressive skies to be extremely inspirational.

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Bernard Marks

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Title: Arizona Spring & Santa Fe Hat Quintet
Medium: Acrylic

After a successful career in business, Bernard became a fine art painter. Galleries in several states have exhibited his watercolor, acrylic & oil paintings, which have won many awards & recognitions.

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Robin Poteet

Salem, Virginia

Title: Here, There and Close to Home
Medium: watercolor, pencil, pen

My days are filled painting watercolors, teaching workshops, exhibiting in galleries and showing my work at outdoor festivals... in other words, cobbling together a living as an artist.

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Dorrie Rifkin

Englewood, NJ

Title: Beer from New Jersey to Cityscape from NYC.
Medium: Watercolors

I’m lucky to live near the City, and spend a lot of time there. Usually, I bring a camera or sketchbook. Running out of things to paint would mean that I am not doing much of anything with my life.

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