Journal 13 - Rumbos

This book is named Rumbos after the Illustration Festival held in Sevilla, Spain, where this book got its start. The subject of this edition of the festival revolves around the idea of “Rumbos”: course, way, route, complementing the theme of Pass the Journal as this book finds its own course.


Isabel Carmona

Newbury, Berkshire

Title: Newbury Market Place
Medium: Ink, Soluble Graphite, Watercolor, Watercolor Pencil

An avid urban sketcher, I love teaching various methods of interpreting what we see and how mood can change in our drawings through choice.

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Gemma Plum

Rotterdam, ZH

Title: Brooks
Medium: Pen and aquarelle

As a graphic designer I love combining text an images. I develop, write and draw educational materials and since my Master Graphic Narrative I work on autonomous and journalistic projects too.

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Frank Stoks

Rotterdam, Zuid Holland

Title: Dreaming
Medium: Watercolor, fineliner, color pens

Visual artist based in Rotterdam. I enjoy drawing people. And other stuff. Like animals.

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Marjolein van Braam Morris

Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland

Title: Keep on going...
Medium: India ink, red ink, dip pen

Compulsive sketcher and visual thinker: drawing makes me feel alive. I draw for a living @debetekenaar. Love quirky & wobbly lines. Addicted to art supplies.

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Jeffrey de Bruin

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland

Title: De Hef
Medium: Ink and Watercolor

Jeffrey makes drawings and paintings of various places in Rotterdam, in order to tell the stories of his city. You can describe his style as organic and full of life, feeling and humor.

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Ana Langeheldt

Sevilla, Sevilla

Title: Free Doraemon
Medium: Pencils and watercolors

My name´s Ana Langeheldt, an artist who leaves and works in the beautifull city of Seville. I work as a freelance ilustrator and when i´m not drawing for comissioned works, i´m drawing for passion.

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David Rendo

Sevilla, Sevilla

Title: The Neverending Journey
Medium: Ink pen

When not drawing for CocaCola, Volkswagen or IKEA I’m pursuing my cat, writing with cold beer, illustrating music festivals or researching new recipes to poison my friends with.

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