Journal 5 - Rockwell

This book is named Rockwell after Artist Norman Rockwell. In the 1940's and 1950's, Strathmore ran a series of advertisements that featured "Prominent Artist Users of Strathmore". Mr. Rockwell was among those prominent artists featured in the ads and is quotes saying "As long as I can remember, I have used and been devoted to Strathmore No. 71 Drawing."


Sena Almacioglu

Gaziantep, Sehitkamil

Title: Dreamy Pure
Medium: Watercolor, gouache, pencil, eraser, ink

Hi it's Sena. Studied Photography and Video in Istanbul, and one year Cinema in Portugal, I love photography and keeping journals. For me photography and illustrations go hand in hand.

Kate Waddington

Sydney, QLD

Title: Galloping Horses
Medium: Watercolor

Sydney Artist | Master of Architecture USYD

Georgina Kreutzer


Medium: Mixed Media: Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolours, Micador soft pastels, Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencil, Micador Aquapainter

Georgina is an Australian artist. A childhood country farmhouse full of antiques, European travel to connect with ancestry, and student life in the city all combine to influence her work.

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Alyssa Baguss

St. Anthony, MN

Title: Hot Air Balloons
Medium: Colored Pencil

Alyssa’s practice explores mediated natural environments through drawing processes.

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Emily Isenberg

Duluth, MN

Title: Sophie Marie
Medium: Graphite

Emily Isenberg is an teaching artist based out of Minneapolis and Duluth, MN. As an artist, Emily is interested in observational drawing, slowing down to looking more closely at the world around us.

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Lynda Monick-Isenberg

minneapolis, Minnesota

Title: I Thought I Could Grow an Orchid
Medium: Graphite

MCAD professor Monick-Isenberg teaches drawing as a visual language developed through observation, contemplation, and reflection. She keeps drawing central to her practice as a teacher and artist.

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Marcia Milner-Brage

Cedar Falls, IA

Title: Early July Bouquet
Medium: Watercolor, watercolor pencil, ink

I draw from direct observation. Through drawing, I learn my world. I like to put words with a drawing to further the story of a place and a slice of time. Drawing is an itch I can't stay away from.

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Suhita Shirodkar

San Jose, CA

Title: Long Summer Days
Medium: Watercolor, pen and ink

Suhita Shirodkar is an Urban Sketcher and a Watercolor Artist. She carries her portable sketch kit everywhere she travels and aims to capture the world around her with the fresh eyes of a traveller.

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Nina Khashchina

Palo Alto, CA

Title: Treasures
Medium: Ink and Watercolors

I draw everywhere and filled 90 sketchbooks so far - telling stories about people I met, treasures I found and everything in between. Check out my sketching while scubadiving link on my blog!

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Gay Kraeger

Los Gatos, California

Title: Redwood
Medium: Watercolor, pencils and pens

I started keeping an illustrated journal about 20 years ago. I live at the edge of a redwood forest in central California and have always been inspired by nature.

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