Journal 8 - Smyth

This book is named Smyth after the type of binding that holds these beautiful pages together. All of Strathmore's hardbound and softcover books are made with a quality smyth-sewn binding which allows them to open wide and lay flatter.


Tyler Krasowski

Chicago, IL

Title: tree line
Medium: graphite

I try to stretch everyday

Kevin P. F. Hennessy

Littleton, CO

Title: space is the place 2016
Medium: Goauche / Coffee wash / pit pen

A psychedelic American folk artists. Applying tattoos and painting signs anywhere there is a need of either.

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Kristopher Kotcher

Plano, Texas

Title: Doodle Dudes
Medium: Gouache and Micron Pens

FRENEMY aka Kristopher Kotcher is a freelance illustrator and street artist from Austin, Texas. His work is highly influenced by the Children's books and cartoons he loved as a child.

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Chelsey Culmann

Woodside, New York

Title: Face Off
Medium: Markers, Collage

Chelsey Culmann is an artist/designer living and working in New York City. She loves bold colors, patterns, and most importantly her cat, Bob.

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Michael Seymour Blake

Woodside, NY

Title: Strathwar
Medium: Sharpie marker

Michael Seymour Blake is a writer/illustrator living and working in New York City, where he can often be seen talking to stranger's dogs, hanging out at cafes, and generally looking lost.

Steven Kraan

London, England

Title: Me and my Pencil
Medium: Paint, Ink and Pencil

Illustration, GIFs and animation, made by a Dutchman in London.

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Ronan McGeough

London, Walthamstow

Title: Good Morning
Medium: Watercolor, Indian Ink

Irish artist painting pictures in London

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Eoin Francis McCormack

Dublin, Leinster

Title: me and you
Medium: spray paint

Eóin Francis McCormack has constructed a practice that explores painting as a work ethic, stressing the routine and physical labour aspects of

Kate Mothes

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Title: Out Inside
Medium: Fuji FP-100c film, paper, glue

Kate is an independent curator, writer, and collaborator who is inspired by the work of younger and emerging artists. She has a particular passion for analog film and the conceptual image.

Joanna Dane

Appleton, Wisconsin

Title: What Are You Thinking As You Turn Through These Pages?
Medium: pen

Joanna Dane likes to write, draw, and play improvisational music. Visit her work at A Terminal Case of Whimsy.

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Laura Schrampfer

Appleton, Wisconsin

Title: My pale heart
Medium: Watercolor, gold foil

Just another starving artist! I own a private tattoo studio where I get to carry on the ancient art of tattooing! I love bird nerding, unicorns, and breaking into dance *jazz hands*

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Justin Gilzene

Bronx, New York

Title: Sometimes I still wish I was a kid again
Medium: Arcylic paint

Everything doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to....BE

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Joey Zazueta

Foothill Ranch, CA

Title: Well Off
Medium: Charcoal, Graphite

Tattoo Artist at Renaissance Studios, always striving to improve, hungry for knowledge. Check out more work on my instagram @joeyzazueta.

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Raul Salas

Las Vegas, NV

Title: Shattered
Medium: Marker

I am Raul Salas I use art as my outlet and share it as a ticket to my train of thought. I use social media such as Instagram, @onlymy2cents, to do 30 drawing events and to support artists.