Lesson 12: Old Tree


Online Resources

Video Tutorial

Watch Kelly Eddington demonstrate how to paint this project.

Line Art Template

Print out this template on 8 ½ x 11 printer paper. Follow the instructions on page 32 to transfer the template line art to the watercolor paper in your pad. Watch the How to Use this Pad video for even more helpful tips.

Reference Photo

To see more detail in the reference photo for this lesson and make your project easier to paint, enlarge this image on your computer screen or print out the photo on your printer.

How to Use this Pad Video

In this video Kelly will show you how to:

  • Remove the watercolor paper from your Learning Series pad
  • Soak and stretch the paper in preparation for painting
  • Use the templates provided to transfer line drawings for each lesson to the watercolor paper

 Watch How to Use this Pad Video