Learning Series:
Video Tutorials - Learn to Draw Manga

Getting the most from these videos:

These video tutorials were developed for the exclusive use of Learning Series customers. Except for the Sample Video, you will need to enter a password found in your Learning Series pad to access these videos. Follow the instructions below to find the password. This will enable you to watch Christopher Hart draw 10 of the lessons in your Learning Series pad.

Due to time limitations, Chris begins each video with the basic construction outline already drawn. As he draws, Chris leaves the construction lines in place as a reference point for you. You may want to erase the construction lines in your drawing to give it a finished appearance.

Construction steps and details in the video drawing may differ slightly from those in the pad, as no two original drawings are identical. Feel free to experiment with your drawing to find the approach that works best for you.

Enter the name of the lesson on page 13 in all caps as the password to watch any of the videos below.

P.5 Cute Smile
(Sample Video - no password required)

P.6 Mysterious Girl

P.7 Dreamy Boyfriend

P.14 Brrr!

P.17 Cute Pose

P.19 Sad Chibi

P.20 Chibi Fun

P.22 Playful Monster

P.27 Cat Girl

P.33 Winged Bad Guy