200 Series Skills Mixed Media

Weight: 75 lb. (22" x 30" x 500 sheets) 160 g/m2
Surface: Vellum Surface

Paper for Practice. Pads feature high sheet counts, sturdy construction, and a heavy-duty chip board backing to stand up to all the work you put them through. A larger wire allows the pad to expand as you use it.

The paper is a medium weight, and a good choice for dry and light, wet media sketching. Contains 30% post-consumer fiber. Acid free.

Pad Features: Wire Bound sheets are micro-perfortated and are Actual Size when removed at the micro-perforation.

Item# Size Description Sheets/Pad
20-405 5.5" x 8.5" Vellum, Wire Bound (8.5") 60
20-409 9" x 12" Vellum, Wire Bound (12") 60
20-411 11" x 14" Vellum, Wire Bound (14") 60

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