Black Canvas Paper

Featured Product: 300 Series Black Canvas Paper

Creating art on our new Black Canvas paper is a fresh and inspiring way to make paintings that pop. The black background allows colors to take center stage and lets the artist create dramatic shadows for an inspiring look.

This bold black canvas-textured paper is great for practicing techniques and making finished art.

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Black Chalk Pads

Featured Product: 100 Series/Youth Black Chalk Pad

Artists of all ages can enjoy carefree creativity anywhere with Black Chalk paper. The rough surface is a great choice for dry chalk, chalk markers, pastels light colored charcoals, and opaque pens. Most dry media can also be removed from surface with a damp cloth, for multiple uses of the same sheet with a weathered surface. Made in the USA. Pad includes two inspirational project ideas on the inside front cover. Cover artwork and project ideas by Art Projects for Kids.

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Colored Pencil Paper

Featured Product: Colored Pencil Paper

Our 400 Series Colored Pencil paper provides a clean white, toothy surface that is ideal for a variety of colored pencil techniques. Smooth, even coverage can be achieved, and the durable surface stands up to repeated erasures and reworking. The heavy weight combined with the vellum surface allows for the application of multiple layers.

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Fine Art Rolls

Featured Product: Fine Art Rolls

Strathmore's high quality fine art paper is now available in an expanded offering of large rolls. These specialty grades typically cannot be found in roll format and provide artists with the convenience and flexibility of creating without size or scale limitations. Perfect for either practice of techniques or finished artwork.

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heavyweight Drawing

Featured Product: Heavyweight Drawing

Strathmore® 400 Series Heavyweight Drawing has been one of our most popular papers since 1940. Previously this 100 lb. (163 g/m2) cream colored paper was only available in sheets and rolls. Now Strathmore is introducing 5 convenient pad formats to the Heavyweight Drawing family of products.

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Strathmore Writing

Featured Product: Strathmore® Writing

Introducing 500 Series Strathmore® Writing, a full line of high-quality writing papers created to celebrate thoughtful communication, the timeless art of calligraphy, and the physical act of putting tangible ink to beautiful paper. The wide range of formats available allow you to share this special form of communication with others, or keep your own unique personal chronicles.

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New Toned Sketch

Featured Product: Toned Sketch Formats

Artists love Strathmore® Toned Papers, and now they're available in 3 additional formats!

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Printmaking Paper

Featured Product: Printmaking

Strathmore printmaking papers are ideal for a wide variety of printmaking techniques including relief, lithography, intaglio, screen print and more.

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Softcover Art Journals

Featured Product: Softcover Art Journals

Our Softcover Art Journals give artists the choice of high quality sketch, toned sketch, drawing, watercolor and mixed media papers..

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Artist Tiles

Featured Product: Artist Tiles

Experience the emotional benefits of art through pattern drawing on Strathmore® Artist Tiles!

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Greeting Cards

Featured Product: Greeting Cards

Strathmore has expanded our line of greeting cards to include new surfaces and sizes!

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200 Series Skills Pads

Featured Product: 200 Series Skills Pads

Practice is essential for artists to learn and progress, which is why we developed an affordable, recycled paper line that delivers key performance characteristics for specific media techniques. Inviting formats and features add convenience, ease of use and durability for frequent use and lots of PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

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