100 Series Youth Project Ideas


Clown Fish


Project Idea: Paint Paper

  1. Draw in pencil a wide oval in the middle of Strathmore® Paint paper. Add six vertical lines as shown, which become the three white stripes on the fish.
  2. Draw a tail and two sets of fins between the stripes.
  3. Add a face and remaining side fin details.
  4. Lots of tube-like sea plants may extend up from the bottom of the paper. Baby fish and princess crowns are optional. 
  5. Trace the fish with a black permanent marker and then paint with watercolors.

Materials Needed:

• pencil
• watercolor paint
• paint brush
• fine point permanent black marker

Age Range:

6 and up

Project Time:

45 minutes

Artwork by:
Neariah – Grade 2

100 series Paint Paper

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