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La Boca House Collage


Project Idea: Construction Paper

La Boca is a neighborhood, or barrio, of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. It is a popular destination for the colorful houses which inspired this project.

  1. Cut three large rectangles out of Strathmore® Construction paper and glue down on white paper. Cut angled roof shapes for the homes, and glue to the white paper. The buildings should all be sitting side by side.
  2. Cut smaller rectangles to create windows and doors, then glue to the buildings.
  3. Using a thin black marker, add window and door details.
Finished Collage

Materials Needed:

• construction paper
• sheet of white paper for background
• ultra fine tip permanent black marker
• scissors
• glue

Age Range:

8 and up

Project Time:

45 minutes

Artwork by:
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