100 Series Youth Project Ideas


Landscape with Hatching Shading


Project Idea: Sketchbook

Hatching is an artistic technique used to create tonal effects by drawing closely spaced parallel lines. A simple landscape drawing is a good place to practice this kind of shading.

  1. Divide your 12" x 12" Strathmore® Sketchbook page into four quadrants using a pencil and ruler, so you can practice the hatching technique several times on one sheet.
  2. Draw the outline of a house in one of the quadrants of sketch paper.
  3. Add horizon lines and a curved road narrowing in the distance.
  4. With the outline complete, add hatching to the house with lines following each contour.
  5. Fill the landscape and sky, changing the direction of the lines to give contrast to each element.
  6. Repeat to see how your technique improves as you practice.

Materials Needed:

• sketchbook
• pencil
• ruler

Age Range:

9 and up

Project Time:

45 minutes

Artwork by:
Lea – Grade 4

100 Series Sketch

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