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Sunflowers, Up Close and Personal


Project Idea: Drawing Paper

Vincent Van Gogh is probably most famous for sunflower paintings. This project shows how pictures can become more interesting when some shapes break the frame and appear to go off the paper.

  1. Draw a large circle somewhere on a sheet of Strathmore® Drawing paper – left, top, or right side, extended a bit off the page. Draw smaller circles to balance out the large one – for instance, a large one is on the right, then a couple of smaller ones should be added to the left to create a visual balance.
  2. Add your own radiating flower petals, stems and leaves.
  3. When the pencil drawing is complete, trace all lines with a gray oil pastel.
  4. Color in the flowers and sky with oil pastels. Heavy coloring will imitate the dense look of Van Gogh’s paintings.

Materials Needed:

• drawing paper
• pencil
• oil pastels

Age Range:

8 and up

Project Time:

45 minutes

Artwork by:
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