100 Series Youth Project Ideas


Torn Paper Animal Collage


Project Idea: Smooth Bright Construction Paper

Torn paper works especially well when fuzzy edges are called for.

  1. Decide what animal you want to make so you can select the appropriate colors of construction paper. Bright yellow and orange are ideal for a tropical bird or a duck, like this example.
  2. Tear out lots of pieces of your chosen colors, and glue them down on white paper using a glue stick. You will get the best results when there are no straight lines left on the torn shapes, only torn edges.
  3. "Build" the main body first, and then add head, beak, legs, feet and so on.
  4. When your animal is complete, use a marker to add an eye.

Materials Needed:

• plain white paper
• smooth bright construction paper
• glue stick
• permanent black marker

Age Range:

7 and up

Project Time:

30 minutes

Artwork by:
Art Projects for Kids

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