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Winter Birch Trees


Project Idea: Paint Paper

  1. Cut Strathmore® Paint paper into a square. Tape a border around the edge of the square with 1" painter's masking tape. Cut thick and thin strips of masking tape to create tree trunks. The ends of the tape should touch the top and bottom of the borders. These strips should be hand cut for a natural look. Cut and add branches and a crescent moon. Smooth down all tape edges.
  2. Water down dark blue watercolor paint and spread over the entire picture. To add texture, sprinkle salt on the paint while still wet. Let dry for several hours.
  3. Rub the salt off the picture and carefully peel off the tape. To add little snowflakes, paint white dots with a small brush and acrylic paint. If any of the blue paint leaked into the trees, you can also use this white paint to cover up those spots.
  4. With very watery black paint, add the little bark edges on the left and right of the trees and branches. Then add a shadow stripe on the same side of all the trees and branches.

Materials Needed:

• watercolor paper
• 1" painter's masking tape
• black and blue watercolor or tempera paint
• white acrylic paint
• paint brush
• salt
• scissors

Age Range:

8 and up

Project Time:

1 hour
(1 session - 45 min. 1 session - 15 min.) 

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100 series Paint Paper

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