Introducing Strathmore® Writing

There is a certain charm and significance that digital communication can’t match given the extra effort it takes to put pen to paper. In this digital age who doesn’t love getting a real letter or seeing characters artfully formed on a page? It carries with it a special fondness, authenticity, and aspect of nostalgia.

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Master Penman Jake Weidmann - Calligraphy Demo

Jake Weidmann is 1 of 11 Master Penman in the world. We were fortunate enough to have Jake demoing in our booth at the 2015 Art Materials World Show where he worked on our new line of Strathmore Writing papers. 

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The Spring Artist Newsletter

The cold, long days of winter are fading away, so grab this fresh and inspiring Issue of the Artist Newsletter and find a nice spot outside to dig in! Click here to download.

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