Announcing Our 2016 Online Workshops!

We are excited to announce our free 2016 Online Workshops which start on Monday, March 7!

We’ve got a fantastic line up this year with 3 extremely talented and inspirational artists who will be leading you through follow-along online video lessons… FOR FREE!

Here’s what’s coming:

Workshop 1: Sketchbook Fury – The Art Ninja’s Handbook

Instructor: Graham Smith
Start Date: March 7, 2016
(4 video lessons – 1 released each Monday of March)

1. Build Your Dojo - Move into your sketchbook, add accessories, create an inspirational environment for drawing, info page, envelopes, folders, pen holders, and secret spot for a razor blade. Prepare for training.

2. Overcome Fear - AKA “perfection paralysis”, by better understanding the creation process. “Let It Go”. Plant seeds in idea garden, grow ideas by layering. Let the force flow through you, young Padawan. Be free. Color wash paper. Collage. Learn to set a routine that fits into your actual life – The Coffee Cup Parable. Skills required: dedication and adventure.

3.Plan the Attack – Develop ideas worth fighting for. Chase your dreams strategically, do your skills workout, draw the world around you, find personal inspiration, develop your fighting style, follow a theme, create your own IP.  Mixed Media battle practice. Skills required: planning, drawing, painting, going with the flow.

4. Art Battle – Execute final art. Sketch to finished drawing strategy. New school solution – Scan, Photoshop, and reprint. Old school solution- grid enlargement, light box, use tracing paper for refinement/ transfer. How to select paper for sketch, and finish.  Skills required: measuring, drawing, tracing, planning, and optimism.

Workshop 2: The Mind of Watercolor

Instructor: Steve Mitchell
Start Date: May 2, 2016
(4 video lessons – 1 released each Monday of May)

Watercolor can be one of the simplest mediums to use, but it also seems to have a mind of its own at times, giving it the reputation of being fussy and unforgiving to work with. In this workshop we get into the mind of watercolor and see what makes it tick. Success with watercolor depends greatly on discovering and anticipating how it reacts in real painting situations. We will cover the basics of getting started and choosing proper materials then applying those basics as we go through the process of producing a landscape painting and a botanical painting from start to finish. We’ll learn how to get better results by setting the ideal conditions for working in watercolor and even letting watercolor do some of the painting for us. Watercolor is such an expressive, fresh and rewarding medium to use. Follow along as we discover how to partner with this excellent medium and let it take us on an exciting painting adventure.

Workshop 3: Colorful Creations with Marker

Instructor: Will Terrell
Start Date: September 5, 2016
(4 video lessons – 1 released each Monday of September)

In Workshop 3, Will Terrell leads you through a fun, vibrant and informative introduction to techniques for using markers on different types of paper. We’ll learn how to lay down color evenly, build up layers and blend with markers. We’ll also cover what to look for in a paper when using markers and try out a few different options. We’ll focus on a variety of subject matter and look at how to achieve these results with cartoons, people and animals. All levels are welcome to join and follow along as we make colorful creations with marker!


Our workshops are completely free for anyone to view and follow along to. After a video is released on the site, it will be available for viewing at any time throughout 2016, giving you the option to follow along at your own pace and on your own schedule. The workshops also come with downloadable instructions, and the instructors will be in the classroom during their workshops to answer questions you may have.

We can’t wait to see you there and get started!

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