Watercolor Ranunculus by Eleanor Mill

Watch as artist Eleanor Mill makes this gorgeous pink ranunculus flower come to life with watercolor:

Eleanor is using our 500 Series Imperial Hot Press Watercolor paper for this large-scale, beautiful piece. Here's the final:

Strathmore 500 Series Imperial Watercolor paper is a 100% cotton sheet that was developed in 1949. It is known for its hard surface sizing which provides excellent water holdout, color lifting, and blending. The paper comes in both hot press and cold press in 22"x30" sheets with two deckle edges. 

Hot Press Imperial Watercolor paper has a smoother surface that makes it great for fine detail work, like Eleanor's. 

Cold Press Imperial Watercolor paper has a traditional textured surface that is great for achieving uniform, even washes.

Check out these close-up detail shots of Eleanor's piece, and see more from Eleanor on her website, on her YouTube Channel, and on Instagram,: @melibertine


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