Artist Christine Karron

Christine Karron is a Canadian full time artist and illustrator.

Christine was born in 1971 in Tallinn, Estonia. Her exceptional drawing skills were discovered and supported by her parents from a very early age.

As a child Christine was accepted into the Tallinn Art School for Children, in Estonia, and later, after her family moved to Germany, she attended and graduated from Technical High School focusing in Art and Design.

In 1998 Christine signed a contract with one of the leading publishers in Germany, and started to work as a full time freelance artist specializing in illustration. Other contracts and publications followed.  

In 2008 Christine with her husband and their three kids moved to Canada. While improving her English, Christine experimented painting in different media, styles and techniques, and started to sell her paintings online. Christine was offered to illustrate her first children’s book in 2013. A few other book projects followed since then. 

In 2015 Christine participated in Art Battle live painting events and Art Alley mural projects in her home city Red Deer.

Currently Christine focuses on book illustration, paints between the projects and shares the process on her YouTube channel.

Christine paints in her home studio in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

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