Jordan Rhodes

Jordan Rhodes graduated with a Ph.D in Chemistry from Vanderbilt University. In his leisure time, he creates art which primarily focuses on portraiture.

Jordan created the artwork featured on the cover of our 400 Series Recycled Sketch pads.

Here’s what he had to say about his piece:

This drawing was based on a reference photo of my lovely wife, Wilenny. I thought it was a cool photo and I liked her style and attitude on it. She is a big inspiration for me and was the reason I started posting my art online in the first place, which eventually led to this opportunity to work on the 400 series recycled sketch cover for Strathmore. As for the incorporation of the thistle logo, I admittedly didn’t take the most creative approach as I just replaced the original graphic on the shirt in the reference picture with the thistle logo, but it got the job done. I hope you enjoy the new cover and working on the Strathmore recycled series 400 sketch pads!

Side note –  Strathmore’s iconic thistle symbol is incorporated into every 400 Series pad cover in some way, shape or form. It may resemble our circular thistle logo or it may be a literal interpretation of the thistle plant. Either way, you can be sure to find it represented some way!

To explore more Jordan’s art, visit his Instagram page at @jmr_art

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