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Artist Newsletter Autumn 2015

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2015

The Fall edition of our Artist Newsletter is here and we've got a doozie for you. Featured artist Graham Smith is a professional illustrator who teaches life drawing classes. He's put together a list of the top 10 life drawing mistakes he sees in the studio with suggestions on how to improve them and take your skills to the next level. Also in this Issue, learn about our coal black Artagain paper that we're now offering in new formats. See the winner and runner-ups for our 2016 Product Catalog Cover, and get answers to frequently asked questions from our website about the difference between smooth and vellum bristol surfaces.

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Artist Newsletter Spring 2012

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Spring 2012

In our Spring 2012 edition of the Artist Newsletter, we celebrate our 120-year anniversary by taking a journey through our past. See how Strathmore has evolved over the years while keeping the same commitment to quality, performance and longevity of our fine art paper.

Artist Newsletter Winter 2012

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2012

Illustrator Victor Kerlow describes how living in New York City has influenced his work. Read about Victor’s techniques for drawing inspiration from his surroundings.


Artist Newsletter Autumn 2011

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2011

Artist Susan Lyon describes how Strathmore 400 Series Drawing paper enhances her figure drawing process and technique.
Artist Newsletter Summer 2011

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Summer 2011

Artist Lisa Adams describes how Strathmore 500 Series Bristol enhances her drawing and illustration techniques.
Artist Newsletter Spring 2011

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Spring 2011

Artist Dorrie Rifkin shares her "controlled chaos" style of painting using Strathmore® Illustration Board. She walks readers through the 4 steps to her watercolor success and displays some of her exquisite pieces from Coney Island.
Artist Newsletter Winter 2011

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2011

Artist Peter Jacobs writes about why he started creating collages, how his process has changed with technology and his commitment to making a collage every day from the morning paper.


Artist Newsletter Autumn 2010

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2010

Artist Roz Stendahl talks about making her own journals and books using Strathmore® Aquarius II® watercolor paper. She discusses the benefits of using this versatile paper and offers tips for creating your own journal.
Artist Newsletter Summer 2010

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Summer 2010

Artist Henry Pernell Johnson explains his oil wash technique using both oil and acrylic washes on Strathmore® 500 Series Illustration Board.

files/content/artistnewsletter/enews_ss_springmar10.gifStrathmore Artist Newsletter: Spring 2010

Artist Melissa B. Tubbs writes about her love of architecture and its preservation through drawing.


files/content/artistnewsletter/enews_ss_winterdec09.jpgStrathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2009

Artist William Rose writes about discovering his artistic talent at the age of 47 and how it changed his life.

files/content/artistnewsletter/enews_ss_autumn09.jpgStrathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2009

Artist Georgette Jones writes about how experimenting with materials and techniques has been vital to developing her own style.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Summer 2009Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Summer 2009
Artist George Max writes about his journey into the art world, his inspiration and tips for a successful drawing project.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Spring 2009Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Spring 2009
Gene Ploss tells about his love of drawing faces and his discovery of miniature works of art called Art Cards, Editions & Originals (ACEOs). Download the eNewsletter to learn how ACEOs opened up a whole new world to Gene and his artwork.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Winter 2009Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2009
In this inspirational article Sherie Sloane offers up some great tips on how to regain your motivation when the creative wellsprings have dried up. Also included in this season's eNewsletter is news about The Great Holiday Swap for Artist Trading Cards and a look at our featured product, Strathmore® Inkjet Iron-On Transfer Sheets plus Questions From Our Artists.


Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Autumn 2008Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2008
In this autobiographical article Brice Miller gives us a first hand account of his experiences and influences as an artist. Also included in this season's eNewsletter is information on the The Great Holiday Swap for Artist Trading Cards and a look at the new Strathmore® Hemp Charcoal Paper, plus Questions From Our Artists.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Summer 2008Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Summer 2008
In the article Organizing Chaos Lori Baratta draws from her experience as a professional artist to give us some tips and techniques. Lori explains her methods that enable her to smoothly operate an art business. Also included in this season's eNewsletter is a look at the new Artist Trading Cards, plus Questions From Our Artists.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Spring 2008Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Spring 2008
In the article Looking for Greener Options, The question of "environmentally friendly" options in fine art paper is discussed. Topics such as recycled material content, clean, renewable energy and alternative fibers are introduced. Also included are some frequently asked questions from our website and a look at the Strathmore® Inkjet Iron-On Transfer Sheets.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Winter 2008Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2008
In the article Thoughts on Being a Freelance Illustrator, Steve Bjorkman gives us a look into the world of a freelance artist. From details to deadlines, Steve describes many of the jobs he's worked on over the years as well as how the profession has changed. Also included in this seasons eNewsletter are some frequently asked questions from our website and a look at our new Square and Landscape Fine Art Pads.


Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Autumn 2007Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2007
Gayle Rock explains some of her techniques for getting the perfect shot. With tips like filling the frame, changing your angle, the rule of thirds and seeing the light, you will feel more comfortable using your camera and will be able to take great photographs. Also included in this seasons eNewsletter are some frequently asked questions from our website and a look at New Strathmore® Greeting Cards.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Summer 2007Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Summer 2007
In A Picture Book Tale, Carol Schwartz describes how she came to be a children's book illustrator and her illustration processes. Learn why Carol prefers Strathmore® paper and has chosen to illustrate over forty children's books on Strathmore® Bristol. Also included are some frequently asked questions from our website and a look at the Strathmore® Inkjet Photo Album.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Spring 2007Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Spring 2007
In our Spring eNewsletter, Don Getz sheds some light on how he prepares Strathmore's Aquarius II® sheets for his watercolor projects. Read all about it in the article, That Great Paper. Also included in this seasons eNewsletter is the article, Advertising Then and Now and a look at the new Strathmore Kids® Tracing Paper, Colored Art Board and White Art Board.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Winter 2007Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2007
In our Winter eNewsletter, Roxie Munro, an award winning children's book author/illustrator, provides a unique look into her thought process and inspiration for new book ideas in How do you get your ideas? Also included in this seasons eNewsletter is the article, Nature Inspires Artists and Artist Papers and a look at the New Black Presentation Board!


Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Autumn 2006Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2006
In our Autumn eNewsletter, Cathy Welner draws inspiration for her watercolor paintings from the beauty of the world around us. Read all about it in The Role of Art. Also included is the article, Strathmore Museum Mounting Board Designed for the Test of Time.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Summer 2006Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Summer 2006
In our Summer eNewsletter, Laurie Caple explains her creative process and the challenges of being a picture book artist in Thirty-Two Sheets of White. Also included is the article, The Paper Ladder: Selecting a Sheet for Your Work, and Holiday Gifts for Creative Kids.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Spring 2006Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Spring 2006
In our Spring eNewsletter, Marilynn Fairchild demonstrates different creative results using a variety of Strathmore artist papers in her Figure Study Series. Also included is the article, A Brush Up on Watercolor Paper and the latest addition to the Strathmore Artist Papers line, The Windpower Series.
Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Winter 2006Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2006
In our Winter eNewsletter, artist Julie Rauer's Watercolor Paintings Interpret Science Through An Asian Prism in Absence of Water. Also included is the article, The Art and Science of Artist Paper and the latest addition to the Strathmore Artist Papers line, The Windpower Series.


Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2005

Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Autumn 2005
In our autumn newsletter, emerging artist Mark Fortier talks about the challenges of drawing people in Overcoming the Fear of People. Also included is the article Artistic Gifts This Holiday Season, New Craft Project Online, and information about recent additions to the Strathmore Artist line.

Strathmore Artist eNewsletter: Winter 2005Strathmore Artist Newsletter: Winter 2005
In our winter newsletter, Luana Luconi Winner provides insight into how she utilizes digital technology in Computer Papers: New Uses in the Portrait Studio. Other articles include, Surface Treatment of Inkjet Paper for Enhanced Image Permanency, and Craft Project Online.